Casambi controls

CASAMBI Bluetooth lighting controls

Casambi bluetooth controls

Silent uses CASAMBI Bluetooth lighting controls in a variety of ways to make your next project smart, connected and energy saving.

Delivering the entire suite of Casambi enabled devices we are able to supply and commission the following features:

  • Daylight dimming and energy savings
  • Absence or Presence PIR detection
  • Timed events or scenes
  • Animated sequences
  • Circadian Rhythm lighting from sunrise to sunset
  • APP control with user access levels
  • Easy end user controls for a happy customer

APP can be downloaded here for Apple:


Casambi PIR

Casambi PIR & Daylight sensors

Casambi Scene plate

Casambi scene plates

Casambi DALI module

Casambi DALI interface

Casambi 1-10v interface

Casambi 1-10v interface

Casambi PWM dimmer

Casambi PWM dimming interface

Casambi LED driver

Casambi enabled LED drivers

Casambi integrated PIR

Casambi integrated PIRs into lighting

Casambi bluetooth switch interface

Casambi switch interfaces

Download Casambi controls brochure here

Why use casambi?

For the customer:

Casambi wireless technology is based on a casambi electronics chip which manufacturers can use in their devices to make them casambi enabelled.  There is a lot of choice on products which means you are not locked into one manufacturer in the future if you want to upgrade or expand your network or you want spare parts. All casambi products are 100% compatible with each other as they all use the casmabi electronics at their heart.

Casambi is compatible with all modern day lighting control protocols including DALI, 1-10, phase dimming, PWM.  An example of this flexibility would be if you needed to integrate a pendant switching lamp into a DALI system you can with ease.

APP interface:  Casambi software is based around a user friendly downloadable APP from the Apple or Play stores and controlled via Bluetooth from your phone.  With the APP you can easily setup the lighting to your needs. You can set up scenes for day and night with different levels and have then triggered at different times of the day.  You can control your lighting from the APP, a special scene plate or simple switches.  However simple or complicated you need it to be.

For installers:

Casambi is based on Bluetooth mesh communication and as such is very robust. Each device has the ability to communicate with each other so if a device experiences a problem, the rest of the network can carry on.  Casambi has sold over 1m devices world wide since Nov 2019 as is expanding all the time. Technical support is very accessible and there is a lot  of online content to help you if you et stuck ommissioning or have a technical issue.

The casambi hardware itself is easy to wire in and commission with your phone.  Casambi makes intelligent lighting controls a breeze!