BRE Building 17 Watford

In a new lighting installation Silent provided the linear lighting including wireless Casambi Bluetooth controls to 3 floors of this building.  Downlights and bulkheads were also supplied for the ancillary areas. The office lighting was then provided with additional wall switches to allow the uses greater control over their work areas.

BRE Building 16 Watford

In a major refurbishment of the existing lights, Silent Design was engaged to provide a full LED upgrade and wireless lighting controls from the existing fluorescent lighting.

Our brief was to make the install simple and save as much material from going to waste.  We upgraded the lights to high efficiency LED versions and we also provided built in Casambi lighting controls so that each light could be individually adjusted.  A total of 180 lights over 2 floors plus  30 track lights were refurbished in this project.  Lighting was upgraded in line with BS887-240:2011 standards.

ITV Grays Inn Road London

In a new lighting installation Silent Design provided the linear lighting and the Tridonic DALI lighting controls this floor at ITV.  Downlights and surface LED downlights  were also supplied for the ancillary areas. The office lighting was then provided with additional scene plates to allow the uses greater control over the small offices and meeting rooms.  DALI 2 PIRs were also utilised for automatic detection of presence in this space

MET Building London

Lighting controls have been supplied to this large office building in central London.  A Tridonic DALI hard wired system has been supplied with over 4500 DALI addresses being commissioned.

Tridonic DALI2 PIRs, switch interfaces and sceneplates. Full DALI emergency monitoring and reporting will also be commissioned along with circadian rhythm lighting for this project.

Mobile 3 HQ in Reading

These custom RGBW profiles provide a welcoming entrance to the new 3 HQ in Reading.  The playful and snappy colour changes are achieved with RGBW DMX LED tape with just under 1500 channels untilised to give the profile a resolution of 1 pixel every 100mm.  Scenes have been programmed based on time and day of week and will run autonomously.  If the user so wishes they can make changes via an APP on their phone connected over wifi.

Walthamstow Forest Town Hall council buildings

Silent was engaged to provide the following services:

Heritage lighting refurbishment with LED and DALI upgrades to internal pendant and wall fittings.

DALI dimmer upgrades to new free issue mains dimmable pendants

650 x 6 pole pluggable ceiling roses finished in white.

Bespoke repairs to glass discs and shades for heritage lighting.

Custom made lamp brackets for new CPO lamps used in the pendants

Croxley Business Park Exterior

Custom LED bollards.  IP66 rated.  Finished in 304 stainless steel and screws together for ease of maintenance.  Custom sized to suit architects vision.  Large bollards made with both LED and no light to match the entrance of the building. Smaller  bollards made to suit the side of the building.  Easy to install, easy to maintain.

Croxley Business Park Reception

Custom 3m diameter LED rings made for the customer.  5 rings made with the following features; In addition to downlight we had an inner ring profile with side light and constant voltage and current LED tape for maximum lifetime.  Downlight with custom curved LED boards.  Special RAL 7022 Black brown finish.  Highly developed installation setting out drawings to help contractor with the 92 suspension wires and 18 power feeds.  All drivers were remotely mounted in the ceiling for ease of access from the top floor.

OLD BROAD STREET – Land Securities reception area

Our PRO Line linear lighting and custom made wall wash was installed in this large reception space near Liverpool Street Station.  80 Linear lights plus 30 custom made wall wash units were supplied with DALI and DALI EMPRO drivers and inverters to allow central monitoring and reporting of their status.

XUPES – luxury retail store in the Royal Exchange London

Using Casambi Bluetooth controls and our LED products we made this project not only look fantastic ,but made it easily operated thanks to the Casambi APP interface.  The store managers can adjust all the lighting in groups easily and they have standard scenes they can operate with switches for ease of use as well.

CAT A Office space -Uxbridge

Our Hornet modular lighting was used on this very neat CAT A office space which had to be integrated with the SAS 130 ceiling.  Surface mounted PRO Line linear lighting was also used in the upmarket reception area also.

Wood Street

Using trimless and suspended continuous run LED profiles from the PRO Line range a light and airy interior has been achieved.

Student Union 

Suspended DALI track and spots from our MICRO range finished in white and black give this student union centre a high end feel.

Curzon Street Office

Purpose made channels built to recess surface circular downlights from our BREVIS range makes for an interesting twist to this office space.

Restaurant & Bar Soho

Our custom linear LED line was used with a warm colour temp to make feature lighting in this bar.

Office in Watford

Using our Hornet recessed modular lighting with custom bezel, made integration with the SAS ceiling a breeze.

Circadian lighting to boardroom in London

Using our 1200 x 300 Hornet recessed modular lighting with custom bezel, made integration with the SAS ceiling a breeze. Circadian rhythm lighting was also installed to provide warm to cool colour temperature changes that track the suns movement throughout the day.

Silk Street London

Using custom lengths of our PRO LINE linear recessed and suspended LED lighting we came up with a solution that worked out for our customer in terms of visual appeal and budget.  Suspended versions also accommodated integrated PIRs.

Worship Street London

Using custom lengths of our PRO LINE linear recessed and suspended LED lighting we provided rectangular lines of light and using or BREVIS surface mounted LED downlight into custom made channels we were able to provide an alternative take on the down light theme.

Retail shop, London

Using our recessed low volt track lighting we provided a solution to this retail venue that was on time and on budget.