Granite Line recessed trimless DALI spot system for receptions, board rooms and retail

Trimless profile with LED spots

A single profile can be used

52mm spots from 9w to 30w 900lm to 2500lm

84mm spots from 35w to 50w 3000lm to 4500lm

Granite Line is an indoor lighting system for application in plasterboard false-ceilings, allowing both the installation of concealed fittings, and creating an effect of luminous continuity at the same time.
Lighting becomes wholly integrated: it grants a wide range of project applications, thanks to a flexible and dynamic positioning of the luminous sources.
Ideal for applications in retail and hospitality, as well as in art galleries museums and reception areas.
Granite Line consists of two sizes of extruded aluminium profiles, in black finish, with or without a 3-circuit electrified square track. The spotlights, equipped with the last generation of COB LEDs, available in two sizes, can be anchored to the track through an innovative slide fixing system. Due to this anchoring system, the light fixtures can be easily installed and repositioned.
The fittings feature an adjustable arm with triple junction, that allows movements on both axes, in addition to the 350° orientation of the head.

Email us for project specific requirements as this product is custom on every job.

Trimless track Features:

    • Aluminium profile 1300mm or 2600mm long
    • Profile can be cut to suit on site
    • DALI or mains dimmable track
    • Continuous or single runs
    • Spots have many accessories to suit
    • Spots highly adjustable in tilt and rotation and position
    • Black finish
    • Spot power from 9w to 45w
    • Spot beam angles from11 to 70 degrees

Granite Line brochure