Looking to work from home?

Do you run a home office?

Need extra light for the office space?

Do you want the best quality light technology can provide?

Concerned about bacteria and viruses on your work area?


Saying yes to any of the above means you should be looking at the Ultra VIsion task light to provide you with the best quality light in all situations.


By using LEDs which have a similar wavelength to sunlight we can give your body nearly the same quality of light as being outside without the harmful affects of UV-B and UVA radiation.

As the sun tracks through the sky throughout the day it changes in colour temperature. By using AI we can change the colour temperature of the light throughout the day on the Ultra Vision automatically which will boost your mind to feel like it is in an outdoors environment.

With these two technologies alone we have the most advanced task light on the market with the highest quality of light.

We didnt stop there.  It was not enough that the Ultra Vision can boost your well being and productivity with virtual sunlight whilst you work so we introduced the Ultra Vision Clean.  The same performance enhancing task light but with the added feature of targetted UVC anti bacterial and anti virus disinfecting light which operates in the small hours of the morning  to ensure your desk space is 99.9% free of germs when you start up work the next day.