Silent Sonus LED acoustic lighting raft for creating spaces of excellence

By usilising the latest LED lighting and acoustic sound absorbing technology,
we can optimize the occupied space to allow people to perform at their best.

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Why is sound reverberation time reduction

Reverberation time is a measure of how long sound stays present within a
space after it is made. More specifically, reverberation time is defined as
the time required for the level of sound in a room to drop 60 dB after the
sound has stopped**
If the reverberation time is too long and if the speaker does not speak
slowly, a listener will actually hear sound from more than one word
simultaneously. The result is a garbled sound that is not easily understood.
On the other hand, if music is played within a space with a long
reverberation time, the musical notes tend to blend together which is more
pleasing than a dry dead sound. So the use of a space has a lot of bearing
on what reverberation time is most desirable .
So when we talk about reducing the reverberation time to comply to the
standards we need to achieve a time of < 0.5 seconds for primary
school or smallclassrooms, and <0.8 seconds for secondary/larger school
classrooms and offices

** Source:

sound waves

Sound absorbing panels minimize reverberation time and make teaching and office spaces a better place to learn and work in.

Behind the perforated metal wings lies 50mm thick non combustable acoustic glass fibre sheets to minimize reverberation.

Well illuminated spacesĀ  with the Silent Sonus

We have many LED lighting options for the Sonus to light the space.

Along with 3000K and 4000K standard options we can also have a variety of super adjustable lighting technologies detailed in the next section.

A full range of emergency gear can be provided from standard 3 hour emergency packages, to Self Test, and DALI EM PRO automatic testing and reporting units.

Sensors and other services maybe also incorporated into the Sonus such as PIRS,, smoke detectors, speakers and cut outs for sprinklers.

Controls can be wired or use Casambi wireless controls which can be managed and operated from your phone.

Click on the brochure download below to see how the Silent Sonus can build a space of excellence for you and your fellow pupils and co workers.

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