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New Vox Modular

The Vox is a modular back lit luminaire designed with variable configurations to fit any SAS or Burgess Ceiling. The product is supplied with the latest Philips Fortimo LED and Philips Xitanium driver. This system carries a 5 year warranty with a longevity of at least 50,000 hours.  Used for offices or where a metal recessed ceiling is used.

The luminaire is constructed from white powder coated steel and nanoptic printed polycarbonate diffuser – the product therefore comes as standard with (TPa) fire rating. The Vox is targeted at the Design & Build ‘fitout’ market where there is a requirement for premium lighting quality to hit various pricing points.

March 6th, 2018|

Brevis Range

The Brevis R (Recessed Light Source) and Brevis D (Diffuser) are large area downlights which can be surface (Standard) or suspended mounted.

The heatsinks is built into the body of the product which enables the downlight to run at cool temperatures without the common need for vents in the vertical walls. The Brevis therefore has a minimalist architectural appearance without any visible fixings and very light weight thanks to its aluminium construction.

The downlights also have an IP44 rating when surface mounted.

June 13th, 2017|

LED Flicker

LED Flicker performance is becoming a frequently asked question. The effect of flicker on mental well being is still relatively unknown. CIBSE & SLL  are inviting organisations to pitch for a ground-breaking research project into the perception of flicker by humans and to ascertain if there are detrimental effects on performance.


Stroboscopic Effect – Frequency band

<70Hz – Very noticeable
100 – 120Hz – Industry recommended band (Can be noticed by a fractional percentage of people) @ 50/60Hz mains input
120 – 160Hz – Very rare and expensive to get this type of driver. The driver is also a lot more power hungry as there are more cycles per second etc…
>160Hz – Completely unnoticeable to the human eye


Flicker – Cycle variation within the above frequency bands

Within the frequency bands above you now get the cycle (this is effectively one pulse of the LED). Driver manufactures will give their data as a percentage of the difference in the peak and function of the trough. Silent downlights use a premium Tridonic Talexx driver has 5% ‘Percent Flicker’ @ 120Hz which is ‘unnoticeable’. The Customer should be suspicious when this type of data isn’t even mentioned on a product datasheet or driver datasheet.



Step 1. Ensure the driver is run at 100Hz – 120Hz frequency band
However a small percentage of people might see flicker at this frequency band, therefore:
Step 2. Ensure the variation in a cycle is minimal – Aim for at least <10% Percentage Flicker on the driver datasheet.

November 18th, 2016|