We use the latest LEDs, LED drivers and DALI EM converter technology from Signify (Philips) and Tridonic

For DALI LED drivers we use Tridonic or Philips (Signify) due to their most robust compliance with the DALI standard IEC 62386.

Philips and Tridonic have a long history of DALI devices which puts both of them at the top of the game when it come to choosing reliable, error free LED drivers for our products.

For our premium products we would also match the drivers manufacturer to the manufacturer of the LED boards to further ensure longevity and reliability of the light fitting as a whole.  By utilising the partnership of matched LED drivers and LED boards means we can be confident about our 5 year warranty.  For larger projects that are registered with Silent we can offer a much longer warranty period of 7 years.  Another benefit of selecting the same boards and drivers is to be ensure a more robust DALI communication to DALI control devices with error free communication.

For DALI emergency monitoring projects we would use either Tridonic DALI EM converters ( DALI EMPRO) (inverters) or Philips DALI EM converters (inverters).

The reason for this is that they manufacturer the most robust devices to ensure error free communication to DALI controllers.  At Silent we want to provide a hassle free project so for us using trusted DALI EM converters that comply with the DALI standard IEC 62386 works every time.

Links to our DALI EM converter suppliers:

DIIA – DALI group


Tridonic DALI EM converters ( EMPRO )


Philips (Signify ) DALI EM converter (inverter)